Life Saver Pool Fence Saves Lives

How important is a pool fence?

An unprotected pool is more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun*. And so the safety of your pool area cannot be an afterthought. If you wouldn’t buy a car without a seatbelt, you shouldn’t have a pool without a fence. It’s your responsibility to keep your family safe from your home’s greatest danger.

*Freakanomics,   2005


Your children deserve the strongest, safest pool fence in production. And the Life Saver Pool Fence will stand up to both the toughest conditions and the test of time.

A removable swimming pool fence helps keep kids and pets at a safe distance while remaining easy for you to take up and down. But quality construction makes all the difference in the world. From Solid core aluminum poles to the use of the strongest mesh available, you can now get a superior product and an equally-strong lifetime warranty.

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